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EP 8: What Are You Graced For? The #Sparked Life Podcast

Hey Purpose Peeps,

What are you graced for? After a chance meeting with a sparked Purpose Peep whose light was so incredibly bright that it filled the room, I realized the experience was not just something to revel at, it was unlocking something for me.  But what was it?

After recognizing this as a spark experience, I responded by reflecting. Quietly the answer came.  I could see what this person was graced for without a business card, without an elevator pitch or a title or letters behind a name.  I saw what this person was graced for by how he served–passionately & without reserve.  Then, I learned the other stuff that most of us lead with.

But that aha is not the nexus of this episode. We each get to figure out how to authentically extend purpose. Beyond the example of service and within short purpose stories, I observed how it looks to know what you are graced for and give it away.  The timing is amazing because I spent a lot of time creating freemiums to serve and get to know Purpose Peeps but what this person was doing was showing up, giving himself away, having experiences like you would not believe which opened doors of opportunity like you would not believe.

In this episode, we unlock what we are graced for, and end in an activity for you to see the “graced for” signposts in your life! Share with other Purpose Peeps and don’t forget to subscribe. Most importantly, share what you are graced for and your experience in doing the work to unlock and leverage it!  We are also having an experience of this life lens as our Big Question of the Week in the Purpose Peep Community.

To Your Purpose & Results That Matter,



Dena Wiggins is a Transformational Author, Consultant, Certified Purpose Coach & MBA. She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. Dena unlocks purpose in sparked Purpose Peeps facilitating businesses and organizations to transform into lighthouses that shine solutions into the marketplace, no matter what. As a Purposed Resultant, she combines her experiences and passion for spark, purpose, and strategy to create impactful solutions that deliver your results that matter. Learn more about her Unlock The Keys To Your Success And Turn Them Into Results® programs and A Life of Purpose® Products that shift your sparks (or ahas) into action at

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EP 7: The Power of Your Response, The #Sparked Life Podcast

Hello Purpose Peep!

Wow, it’s been a minute… Can you believe we are approaching the end of the first quarter of the year? Incredible, right?

In this episode of The #Sparked Life Podcast, we unlock a part of one of my favorite purpose math formulas.  It hails from one of my favorite teachers and mentors, Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  It is Event + Response = Outcome or E + R = O.

In this episode, we apply E + R =  O to being sparked.  So the event is being sparked, which we do not own, it’s something we experience plus + our response, which we completely own = our outcomes.   Looking at this purpose math, we see that our outcomes are co-created!

Our new podcast includes:

    • Catch Up! You know how friends that have not spoken in a while pick up as if they spoke yesterday,
    • Real-life examples of the power of our response! It’s so juicy,
    • How the purpose partners spark & nudges work in our lives,
    • Realizing the true intention of our sparks,
    • New freemium for your purpose in celebration of YOU and my special birthday,
    • Our new mantra, and
    • How to Marie Kondo & create room for the doors of expansion that our responses unlock.

Snag another Purpose Peep to join our community.  Don’t forget to subscribe and download on your favorite device.  And, share your ahas and results on your path to purpose journey at, @denaforyourpurpose under the podcast announcement.

After you have a listen, you will understand this is OUR opportune time!

To Your Purpose & Results That Matter,


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EP 6: 2019 The #Sparked Life: Keys To Success

Hey Purpose Peeps,
Welcome to 2019! The transition from 2018 to 2019 was beautifully reflective for me. I was led to share a couple of key insights that may have a broader appeal. I call these key insights #keys2success because it requires me to be intentional about the application to get the desired result–success which I define as results that matter!
In this episode learn how:

  1. Seemingly unrelated stuff, the life stuff, comes together to weave a purposeful story
  2. The significance of Kairos messages and what they require from us
  3. Four #keys2success that I was nudged to share
  4. A keep it super simple (KISS) technique to unlock more about words that spark us
  5. Why it’s ok to take our time with setting our theme word or intention for the year
  6. Our first The Sparked Life affirmation for 2019

Purpose Peeps, I’m excited about 2019. I am thrilled to be even more intentional this year and being guided through a process to integrate my downloads and nudges. This is what happens when co-creation is in your DNA and a strategic decision for my business.
Let’s learn and grow together in 2019 livin’ The Sparked Life!
Your Partner in Purpose & Resultant

Dena Wiggins is a Transformational Author, Consultant and Certified Purpose Coach.  She takes an unwavering stand for your purpose. Dena unlocks purpose in sparked Purpose Peeps who transform businesses and organizations into lighthouses that shine solutions that transform our world.  Stay connected, join the conversation, take inspired action.

Learn more at  and shop A Life of Purpose® Products.

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EP 5: Before The Vision Board Party, Do This!

Hey Purpose Peeps!
It’s the last few days of the year and many of us, Purpose Peeps, are preparing for the Vision Board Parties!  We are ready to set our focus and intention on what is to come.  Before you step into the new, I invite you to do an Unlock Me Review. This is a vital key to Vision Board prep.
Why A Review Before You Set An Intention For The Year?
Putting on my resultant hat, before we move our focus to what’s to come, let’s create space to welcome the new. Take the wisdom and themes of 2018 that can impact our 2019 experiences.
Slow Down To Go Fast
Slow your roll for a minute and let’s check in to make sure we’ve unwrapped all of the gifts from 2018, the insight, knowledge, and purpose, leaving what we need to leave in 2018 and keep what needs to live in our toolkit moving forward. If we believe life is working for us, what is it preparing us for? How many times have we looked in retrospect to discover we were being prepared for something but missed the clues? Here’s a way to respond differently and get a new result.
I have an online program called the Unlock Me Review available at with a Purpose Peep coupon that I share in the podcast, with a mini version available through the podcast.  Learn:
  • My tried and true technique to “squeeze the sponge” and make room for the new
  • How to be at peace and bless a time period before moving forward
  • 3 Questions you can apply at any time to reduce overwhelm and increase clarity

Go into the next phase of your path to purpose with perspective, a strong foundation and new tools in your toolkit!

Every learning that we glean in life can be extracted and leveraged as a key to our success.

Part of the ongoing action requirement of living The Sparked Life is to continue to unlock and sharpen the tools in our toolkit. There are some super simple exercises that become a part of our intentional practice that make all the difference in how we experience life.



With love and commitment to you living your sparked life,

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Connect wi!th your spark, take inspired action, live YOUR Sparked Life

The #Sparked Life

EP 3: The #Sparked Life: The Nature of the Spark

Hello Purpose Peeps!

In this episode, we discuss the nature of your spark. Knowing how your spark behaves coupled with the last episode where you began to unlock your spark code leaves you well equipped for an intentional sparked life!

We also unpack the relational aspect of your spark. This is the intention of my book, Divine Spark, where we explore destiny relationships through the story of Mary and Elizabeth in the Bible. Divine Spark is available on and through Amazon.

Purpose Peeps, as Resultants, you know we have homework related to our discussion! We also are incorporating a new affirmation at the end of this episode. Powerful stuff! As always, email me at, explore more in the #SparkNotes blog on and share your experience with other Purpose Peeps on our FB page @denaforyourpurpose.

See you in The #Sparked Life!

Dena, Your Sister in Purpose, Resultant and Certified Purpose Coach

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